Mirenesse - Secret Weapon Super Long 24HR Mascara Black


    Simply the best 

    • Award-Winning 24Hr Microwrap Elastic Gel Tubing Formula
    • Best Mascara for Lengthening, Defining & Thickening Lashes
    • Smudge-proof, tear-proof, & water-resistant.
    • Unique tubular formula won't come off until you want it to. You can even sleep in it!
    • Easy wash-off formula means no mess, no fuss.
    • Water-based & oil-free, suitable for use with false lashes or eyelash extensions.
    • Safe & hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers.
    • All Mirenesse products are cruelty-free & non toxic 

    You will love it 

    Creates the look of fanned out eyelashes and builds extra volume for lashes that defy gravity! The nourishing tubing formula stretches on the eyelashes to give you maximum volume and care.

    Let's get it on 

    EASY APPLICATION: Microwrap tubes coat and thicken.

    EASY WATER REMOVAL: Soak Off Warm water removal.

    What's in it for you 

    Panthenol - Lash Caring
    Organic Waxes - Lash Thickening

    Net Weight: 10 g / 0.35 oz.