Luna Nectar - The Metamorphic Jade Roller - Green


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    Ground yourself in your ritual with the soothing healing energies of The Metamorphic Jade Roller. A mini facial massage at home all day, every day!

    An ancient beauty tool made from crystal, Metamorphic naturally stays cool to the touch. The roller de-puffs the face, addresses under-eye circles and lymphatic drainage, promotes circulation, and erases facial tension and fine lines. An excellent tool to use in addition to your moisturizer or cream to encourage deeper absorption. Metamorphic rejuvenates, tones and massages tired facial muscles, revealing natural contours and improving elasticity.

    Each piece is uniquely crafted - shades of jade may vary.

    Keep in fridge for a even greater soothing effect.

    The Metamorphic Jade Roller is able to be used on clean skin or directly after serum or cream has been applied. Using the nose as a center point, roll gently along your cheeks and chin in outward, upward motions towards the lymph nodes for best lymphatic drainage. Roll on forehead upward towards your hairline; and on the neck, upwards and outwards.

    Ingredients Jadestone