Lord & Berry - JUMBO Pencil Sharpener


    JUMBO SHARPENER works on chunky eyeliners and lip pencils that won't fit into an average-sized sharpener. Specially designed for the Lord & Berry 20100 Lip Crayon and #Reglam Eye Pencil. The sharper is equipped with a modular tip so you can achieve the perfect edge. For added convenience, a cleaning pick is included to remove color smudges inside the tool so you can continue to sharpen without any hassle or extra mess.

    Products Features:

    • for fat, chubby cosmetic pencils
    • easy disposal of shavings
    • Remove shaving with a cleaning pick

    Net Weight: 0.02 g / 0.02 oz.

    Plastic, Metal
    Insert pencil and twist until the pencil reaches desired sharpness
    Product Type: Tools for Eyes