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    This dry styling dream team allows you to clean and care for strands as well as boost volume, texture, or grip of your look. The result? Hair with that just-washed look and feel plus perfectly placed body and separation.


    • Full Size Perfect hair Day™ (PhD) Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo (5.5 oz.)
    • Full Size Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray (7.5 oz.)
    • Start with PhD Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo.
    • Shake can well, holding 6-10" away from dry hair, then section and apply in a sweeping motion.
    • Wait 30 seconds, then massage to remove.
    • Follow with Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray.
    • Section hair and spray from root to tip, being sure to shake before every single spray.
    • Finish by tousling to achieve desired texture and separation.