LaVigne Natural Skincare - Gua Sha- Rose Quartz


    Pamper and energize your skin with Gua Sha facial therapy – an ancient rejuvenation method based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Gua Sha therapy helps to relieve tension, drain puffiness and toxins as well as promote radiance, smoother skin, firmness and overall enhanced complexion.

    • Authentic Rose Quartz stone
    • Natural coolness of authentic stone soothes, helps with puffiness
    • Comes in quality gift box
    • Easy to maneuver Gua Sha stone puts more control in your hand during facial treatments
    Can be used before or after applying your favourite LaVigne Serum or moisturizer. Apply light pressure, holding the Gua Sha on a 15-degree angle to your face and sweep along the skin in the directions indicated in the diagram. Warning: Fragile – may break/chip if dropped on a hard surface.

    Holding the Gua Sha: Begin with your thumb on one side and fingers opposite side. How you might signal the number 4, with four fingers extended and touching, tucking your thumb against your palm. Hold the Gua Sha against your four fingers, secured by the thumb folded across, cupping the tool. When gliding the tool across your skin, hold at approximately 15 degree angle to your skin’s surface and glide with gentle pressure only, in the following directions. See the Gua Sha Treatment Image for visual guidance.

    Third Eye: Start from middle of your eyebrows and sweep up to your hairline.

    Lower forehead: Stroke from the centre of the forehead above your eyebrows out to your temples.

    Under eyebrow: Use the curved part of your Gua Sha tool to scrape the space underneath your eyebrow and beyond your eyes. Stay on the bone of the brow.

    Under the eyes: Gently and lightly stroke the delicate eye area following the eye bone. Begin from the side of your nose, sweep along and up to your temple. Envision moving the stagnant lymph from the middle of your face up to the temple and the way to the hairline.

    Cheek: Repeat the same sweeping motion for the cheek area. Go from the side of your nose, across your cheek, and up again to the middle of your ear.

    Chin: Stroke from the middle of your face, below your lower lip and to the earlobe.

    Under chin: Stroke from the soft area below your chin to the base of your ear.

    Neck: Stroke from your jaw and the earlobe down to the middle of your collarbone.

    The large sweep: Gather all the lymph you’ve moved to the side of the face and get rid of it to your lymphatic drainage. Stroke from the centre of your forehead right below your hairline, down to your temple,down to your ear until you get to your neck and terminus area. Do several times for a clean sweep.

    Note: Keep pressure light and consistent. A small amount of redness may occur due to stimulation of the skin.