Kosa Ayurveda - Energizing Bergamot Grapefruit Body Oil


    Luxuriate in the self-care practice of Abhyanga massage. This essential Ayurvedic practice involves the application of generous amounts of warm oil on the skin. The Sanskrit word for oil, “Sneha”, is also the Sanskrit word for love. Ayurveda teaches us that being saturated with oil has a similar effect as being filled with love.

    KOSA's spa blend includes organic ingredients and essential oils for balancing each dosha and creating an aromatherapy experience.

    Product Features:

    Safflower oil - Lightly moisturizing, balances skin

    Brahmi oil - Brightens and enhances complexion

    Bergamot - Anti-inflammatory, heals blemishes

    Grapefruit - Energizing, brightening

    Net Weight: 8 oz

    Sesame Oil*, Safflower Oil*, Brahmi Oil, Essential Oils Of Bergamot, Frankincense, Clove, Tulsi, Cedarwood Atlas, Grapefruit, Cardamom, Myrrh
      A daily detoxifying oil to balance your dosha, warming the body and grounding the mind. Warm bottle in a little hot water, massage onto body with long, slow strokes, leave on skin for 20 minutes, inhale aromatherapy, shower. Learn more about self-care and massage.