Katari Beauty - Brows, Lashes, & All Things Hair 15 ml


    This is your rehab kit for dry hair, damaged lashes and sparse brows. Hoba (jojoba oil) is an excellent cleanser and effectively removes makeup, oil and pollution, leaving the skin soft and supple and never greasy. High in zinc, copper and Vitamin E, this multi-tasking oil is beautifully healing and oil-balancing.

    Katari Henna Oil is a deep green, herbaceous oil that is non-staining, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is famous for its benefits on the scalp, hair, brows and lashes due to its ability to moisturize the hair follicle, prevent hair loss, and maintain pigment. Its a superstar for dealing with dandruff and dry flaky scalp issues.

    Black Castor Oil is truly a miracle worker for brow and lash rehabilitation, as it restores damage and strengthens hair follicles, promoting fresh new growth. Regular application is the natural solution to over-plucked brows and weak lashes, and it will yield amazing results!

    Castor oil is the oil of choice for thick, coarse, textured hair and braids, celebrated for its ability to deeply hydrate and nourish. 

    Product Features:

    • Three amazing oils for all things brow, lash, and hair
    • Cleansing oil to remove impurities and makeup
    • Brow and lash rehab oil
    • Nourishing oil for textured, natural, and braided hair
    • Anti dandruff and dry scalp oil

    About Katari: We travel the world & source all ingredients. We package them in pure, hand-blown, handmade glass. We believe in slow beauty & a safer, more sustainable, and connected world.

    Net Weight: 15 ml oils

    Hoba (100% Pure, Cold-Pressed Egyptian Jojoba Oil), Henna 100% Pure, Cold-Pressed Egyptian Henna Oil, Castor 100% Pure, Cold-Pressed Egyptian Black Castor Oil.
    From brows to lashes to hair, this kit has you covered. Hoba cleanses brows and lashes prior to applying Castor or Henna. Apply to area using a damp, warm cloth or wipe with a couple of drops of Hoba. Use Hoba as a hair oil to tame frizz and flyaways too. To rehabilitate thin brows, use an included olive wood stick to apply Castor Oil to roots and hairs of brows consistently. Work in and leave on. May be used on top lash line to encourage healthy growth and strengthen lashes. Castor is the preferred oil for textured hair and braids to nourish and deeply hydrate. Henna Oil is your perfect scalp oil to combat dandruff and bring shine and vibrancy to the hair.Apply to scalp and massage in. Leave on minimum of 2 hrs or overnight. Encourages healthy hair follicles and fresh new growth. May also be used to rehab lashes.