J.E.ME - Dia Cleansing+ Device (pink)


    Dual Purpose device featuring silicone cleanser + galvanic massager.

    Products Features :

    • 2 in 1 device (cleansing and massaging)
    • Wireless charging for quick and convenient daily use
    • Compact value! (costs less than the competition)

    Net weight : 200 g

    • Cleansing mode: Apply cleaner to the face. Turn on Dia cleansing device and adjust the vibration speed. Use silicone brush in circular motion to clean skin.
    • Massage mode: Apply product such as creams, serums or lotion to your face. Push and hold button until it turns on. Use main surface to massage and absorb cosmetics into the skin. Push button again to use the edge surface for hard to reach areas. Push and hold button until it turns off.
    Product Type: Skincare Tools