Intimina - Ziggy Cup 2 - Size B


    We’ve listened to your input about period cups, so we designed Ziggy Cup™ 2! It’s made of reinforced, flexible, 100% medical grade silicone, and it comes with an addition - ribbed tab for slip-free removal. This menstrual disc comes in two sizes so everybody can find their fit and have mess-free sex - all period long!

    B size- Designed to collect everything from light to heavier flow and fit people with a higher cervix. Can be used for mess-free period sex.

    Ziggy Cup™ 2 comes with a ribbed tab to help you with: Slip-free removal - hook the tip of your finger and gently pull the cup out. Orientation of the cup - this tab is in the front of your cup - which means it needs to be away from your cervix and pelvic bone.

    Net Weight: 13.5g

    Medical Grade Silicone
    Use asdirected on the package.
    Product Type: Intimate Care