Infini - Smart Sonic Face Device


    The Smart Sonic Face Device is an advanced facial tool that harmonizes three sources of energy and five distinct technologies to revitalize skin and improve the contours around the face, jawline, neck, and body.

    Alternate between two temperature and LED Light Therapy modes to customize your treatment needs. Begin with the warming Red LED mode to target uneven tone, discoloration, and superficial UV damage. Then, switch the device to the cooling Blue LED mode to kill blemish-causing bacteria, minimize breakouts, soothe inflammation, and tighten lax skin. The soothing sonic vibration mode is an excellent feature that helps help relax muscle tension and stimulate circulation to help awaken a fatigued complexion.

    The larger flat-head design allows you to press the device firmly onto the face and body that need targeted results. 

    Safe for daily use. Suitable for all skin types.

    Net Weight: 0.4 lbs

     Simply apply the device to areas of concern and gently press down. For optimal results, start with Red LED mode, then finish with Blue LED mode. Use with your favorite skincare products to increase absorption, and to stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins, and encourage a healthier complexion..