HomeWorx - Spun Vanilla Sugar Reed Stick Diffuser 4 oz.


    Warm vanilla sugar is spun with a touch of delicate caramel and laced with a hint of lemon, elevating this familiar yet sophisticated treat.

    FRAGRANCE NOTES: Spun Sugar, Whipped Cream, Sugared Lemon, Vanilla

    • TOP: Mexican Vanilla, Drizzled Caramel, Sugared Lemon
    • MIDDLE: Whipped Cream, Buttercream Frosting, Sweet Anise
    • BOTTOM: Vanilla Extract, Spun Sugar, Condensed Milk

    Refresh any space with HomeWorx scented reed-stick diffusers. Experience an around the clock aromatic (and flame-free) ambience.

    • 1 4-fl oz glass bottle
    • 8 reed sticks
    • Reed sticks each measure 8"H
    • Frosted monogrammed logo
    • Beautifully designed packaging for the perfect gift
    • Silvertone cap

    Net Weight: 4 oz. / 120 ml

    Use as directed.
    Product Type: Home Scents & Candles