HealthyLine - Travel AJ Magnetic Pillow Firm InfraMat Pro (Gray Blue)


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    The Car and Travel Neck Support Pillow is an extremely lightweight and portable model that you can use everywhere from the car to the airport. We consulted sleep experts to provide you with optimal support for your busy life. Shaped perfectly to hug around your neck, this pillow contains 10 magnets and a quarter-pound of natural crushed amethyst and jade gemstones. Your organic body heat stimulates these gemstones to release small levels of far infrared rays and negative ions to relax your mind and body. Using side with magnets will activate your local blood flow where applied and stimulate your brain function.No heat, no controller, just comfort.


    • Pillow designed for car and travel neck support
    • Perfect for napping in the car, on the train, or during a flight
    • Improve the comfort of your sleep
    • Experience low-level FIR and negative ions from natural body heat
    • Contains natural amethyst and jade gemstones
    • Magnetic therapy
    • Comes with carrying case
    • Available in two colors: beige and gray-blue
    Product Type: Mats
    Concerns: Aches & PainsTired Feet & Legs