HAIR RAGE - 1.25 in. & 0.5 in. Ceramic Duo Flat Iron Set - LAVENDER

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    Who says you can’t have it all? Keep one full-sized iron at home and bring the mini iron with you to class, the office, the dance studio, the club, the gym or the airport, wherever you need a little touch-up. Both stylers heat up quickly and efficiently and provide you with just what you need to do major styling or just a little redo. The full-size iron allows you to customize the temperature to match your hair needs (lower temps for delicate hair, higher temps for thicker, curly or textured hair) while the mini fits in any purse, tote or back-up. You don’t have to play favorites. Whichever tool is your go-to will be there for your hair needs.

    Features & Benefits:

    Professional Salon Model

    Black Tourmaline Gemstone Plates

    Far-infrared Technology

    Sleek, ergonomic, non-slip grip

    Heats to maximum temperature rapidly and evenly

    360° swivel cord prevents tangling (full-size)

    Looped end for easy storage (full-size)

    Variable temperature settings for all hair types (full-size)

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Full-Sized Iron Instructions:

    Plug in the full-sized iron and wait for it to heat up.

    Customize the temperature setting based on your hair type (lower temps for delicate hair, higher temps for thicker, curly, or textured hair).

    Wait a few moments for the iron to reach the desired temperature.

    Use the full-sized iron to style your hair as desired.

    Mini Iron Instructions:

    Plug in the mini iron and wait for it to heat up.

    The mini iron is perfect for quick touch-ups or on-the-go styling.

    Once the mini iron reaches the desired temperature, you can use it to fix any stray hairs or redo your hairstyle.