Grooming Lounge - Sayonara Shaving Irritation Set


    The ultimate combination of Barber-Created shaving solutions to guarantee every gent a irritation-free and glorious shave. Features Grooming Lounge Shave Oil, Shave Cream, Aftershave, The Shavior and Mug Scrubber.

    Beard Destroyer Shaving Cream

    A rich, ultra-lubricating shaving cream formula that enables a smooth shave every time. Developed in our DC Barbershop, low-foaming solution is perfect for all beard types, but is especially adept at protecting those prone to razor irritation and nicks. Destroys your beard, pampers your face. Named "Best Shave Cream" by New York Magazine.

    Beard Master Shave Oil

    Provides superior razor glide while helping to eliminate razor burn and rashes. See-through oil is loaded with botanicals that help men master their beards. A rare shaving oil that doesn't leave faces feeling "oily." Paraben-Free.

    Best For Last Aftershave

    Every shave should have a happy ending. That's why we created this soothing aftershave designed to calm and refresh even the most-sensitive skin. Creamy solution is the antidote for annoying razor irritation, burn, bumps and more. Non-greasy and sting-free, Best For Last is the balm.

    Mug Scrubber Face Scrub

    Deep cleansing and skin smoothing exfoliator does away with oil, dirt and dead skin, to improve skin’s appearance, thwart ingrown hairs and shaving irritation. Powered by eco-friendly Jojoba beads, formula evens skin texture and soothes without irritation or dryness.

    The Shavior

    Within the labs of our Luxury Barbershops we set out to create a product that would help erase any “wrongs” that happened during the shaving process. The Shavior not only helps to soothe and treat irritated skin, but the primary active ingredients were hand selected as master multi-taskers to put the kibosh on any skin irritation that could ruin a shaving experience.