Gorgeous Cosmetics - Brush 022 Brow Lash Comb


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    Brush 022 is excellent for brow shaping. It grooms and blends brows. Suitable for use with powder and pencil products. Brush up on beauty and be your own Pro Makeup Artist with a professional quality brush from Gorgeous Cosmetics. High quality makeup brush, for professional looking results & better application. With these elite tools in your hands, you will feel like the brush is doing the work for you, no matter what your level of expertise.

    Product benefits:

    • Professional results
    • Finest quality natural hair
    • Wooden handles to establish elite control

    Net Weight: 7.8 g

    Natural Hair
    Use the brush side of this tool to brush through the brows and move hairs into place before applying your desired brow product to indicate the brows true shape and then again after to smooth and blend in your brow product. The comb side of this tool is perfect for smoothing out any lashes that may have clumped together or are not sitting correctly.
    Product Type: Tools for Eyes
    Preferences: Natural