Gorgeous Cosmetics - Brush 016 Large Medium Shadow


    Brush 016 is a flat chisel shaped brush, excellent for shading and blending.Brush up on beauty and be your own Pro Makeup Artist with a professional quality brush from Gorgeous Cosmetics. High quality makeup brush, for professional looking results & better application. With these elite tools in your hands, you will feel like the brush is doing the work for you, no matter what your level of expertise.

    Product benefits:

    • Professional results
    • Finest quality natural hair
    • Wooden handles to establish elite control

    Net Weight: 8.2 g

    Natural Hair
    Apply shadow to one side of the brush and pat over the desired area of the eye to create a strong shadow look. This brush is ideal for covering the mobile lid or for use on those with larger eye shapes.
    Product Type: Tools for Eyes
    Preferences: Natural