How to Buy a Personal Scent

When trying to purchase a scent, it’s important to understand the distinction between perfumes, eau de toilettes, eau de colognes and body spray, which are listed in order of highest to lowest concentration. Perfume (which may also be known as perfume extract) is the most concentrated fragrance. Typically, people apply their lovely perfume directly to pulse points (wrists, the throat, behind the ears, etc.) for a day-long scent. Eau de parfum is often used to impart hair and clothing with a light scent. What makes eau de parfum’s top notes give way, leaving the ‘heart’ of the perfume behind. It is a much cheaper alternative to perfume, and typically lasts a long time. Eau de toilette usually has the same essence concentration as cologne, and can be expected to evaporate in much the same way as cologne and aftershave. Because these two do not have the staying power that perfume does, they can be reapplied – directly to skin – throughout the day for a invigorating spritz. It’s best to wear eau de toilettes and colognes in warmer months.

Scents For Men

One of the more fascinating colognes for men, the No 9 Bask’s Blue 99 Percent Pure is seduction in a bottle. With pheromones derived from oxytocin, men find great success with this formula. When it comes to a pheromone spray with a more subtle scent, try the 98.8 Percent Pure Gold Label World Traveler Spray. Without fillers or oils, these Milanese-crafted bottles contain your best chance of seducing members of the opposite sex. For a more traditional cologne, try Caswell-Massey’s Number Six Cologne Spray. Not only has it been revered since its creation in 1752, but it was a favorite of George Washington himself! For another presidential scent, try the racy Jockey Club Cologne Spray, preferred by John F. Kennedy. The expert blend of Caswell-Massey’s carefully selected aromatics is a telltale sign of prestige, and can be used as a stunning men’s aftershave.

Perfumes For Women

There’s something so enticing about a light fragrance, and the Philosophy Fresh Cream Spray Eau de Toilette certainly delivers on its promise. Elevate your mood – and the mood of others – with this gorgeous and light aura without overwhelming the senses. Feel free to wear on its own, or with a wide variety of Philosophy’s Fresh Cream products. What if your beautiful perfume also helped to lock in hydration? Lightly spray the Jaqua Buttercream Frosting Body Mist over just-washed body. The alcohol-free, antioxidant-enriched formula will help skin remain touchably soft. For those with perfume sensitivities, finding the right one (without spending a fortune) can be difficult. With Le Couvent des Minimes, each of their products is 100% natural and focuses on utilizing hand-grown plants and herbs to create the most luscious of fragrances. Their Eau Sereine Relaxing Holidays Collection reflects the calm and relaxing mountain waters of the Haute Provençe region. Lightly spray your pillow each night with the Pillow Mist for sweet dreams, and cloak yourself in the botanical bouquet of the Cologne of Serenity. La Vanila creates good-for-you deodorant as well as fragrances, as proven by their Healthy Roller-Ball Vanilla Coconut perfume. This exotic essence uses organic sugar cane, essential oils and antioxidants to transport you to paradise – wherever you are – and lightly lingers each day thanks to its revolutionary packaging. With the Fekkai Soleil Hair Fragrance Mist L'Air de St. Barths, lightly scent your hair each day for a tropical effect. Warm and enticing, this ‘sunshine in a bottle’ not only gives unwashed hair a boost, but it also keeps frizz in check. A day at the beach is only a spritz away with this incredible product.

Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette

Lightly envelop your skin with Le Couvent des Minimes’ Botanical Cologne of The Morning, which aims to invigorate the senses at the start of day. Orange and lemon invigorate the senses, cedar improves memory and focus, and basil enhances the effectiveness of the respiratory system.The Caswell-Massey Verbena Eau de Toilette Spray is an instant pick-me-up in bottle form. Extra refreshing in warm weather, this product – produced by America’s oldest perfume maker – sneaks in citrus notes like mandarin, as well as spiciness in the form of basil and cedar. It’s impossible not to feel rejuvenated. For those affected negatively by perfumes – but interested in a light, signature scent, why not try Archipelago Botanicals’ Milk Eau de Toilette. This curious, sensual blend of fragrance oils like soy and oat are alluring in their simplicity. Not only does this natural body spray calm the sense, but nothing negative lurks in the ingredient list. Try it today!