DermaAngel - DermaAngel Ultra Invisible Acne Pimple Patches 48 dots


    48 count, 2 sizes

    Too Invisible to Notice

    These small yet mighty patches have a "0.01cm ultra-thin edge" design and a matte finish, which makes pimples look invisible and fit perfectly under your makeup. So comfortable that you forget they exist.

    Your Skin's Guardian Angel

    With medical-grade hydrocolloid texture, DermaAngel can absorb up to 6 times more pus than its own volume and protects your pimples from infections, just like your guardian angel that gives you the best of care.

    Gentle on Sensitive Skin

    It has strictly passed the allergy test, non-drugged, mild, and non-irritating, suitable for all skin types.

    Day & Night Non-Stop Skincare

    This package comes in 2 sizes for all-day care. The patches for daytime are slightly smaller (Width:0.39") and are perfect for blending in under your makeup. The patches for nighttime (Width:0.47") are thicker in the middle, which enhances absorption speed.

    Photoshop-like invisible result

    Got pimples? Patch them up with these amazing acne patches. The stickers will instantly cover up your pimples and slightly correct the redness, just like using Photoshop for your face. (Covering them with foundation gives an even better result.)

    Thinner than paper

    The ultra-thin design is only 0.01cm slim, while other brands are between 0.03-0.04cm thick. This gives it unparalleled comfort and invisibility, with the invisibility that makes it almost unnoticeable. So, at the end of the day, try not to forget peeling them off.

    24/7 Day&Night fast absorption

    DermaAngel comes in two sizes. 1cm(0.39") in diameter for day use and the ultra-thin design makes it completely invisible under foundation. The night-use patches are designed to be larger(1.2cm or 0.47”) and are slightly thicker in the middle so they can absorb pus faster while you wear them to sleep.

    Net Weight: 48 pcs

    Hydrocolloid Dressings
    Just tear it off, put it on, and you're good to go in less than 5 seconds! Note that each acne patch is specially designed for you to tear separately, and you can apply it without your hand touching the patches. Infection-free!
    Product Type: Acne Treatment
    Concerns: Acne & Breakouts