Cosmobella - Cosmobella Professional Round Brush for Hair Drying | 2.9 Inch Diameter| Large Brush Ideal for Mid-Long Hair length


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    COSMOBELLA's Hair Brushes are Salon Grade, Thermal Ceramic - Fast Drying - Cruelty-Free brushes that are ideal for blow drying, curling, styling, and maintaining Healthy, and Voluminous Hair. Cut your drying time in half while adding volume & shine and reducing frizz.

    Product Features:

    • Salon Grade
    • Perfect for blow drying, curling, styling your hair
    • Recommended for all Hair Types
    • Cruelty Free
    • Perfect Gift Idea



    • Help Distribute Sebum Oil (Light Yellow, Oily Substance that is Secreted by the Sebaceous Glands) Which Helps Keep the Skin and Hair Moisturized
    • Conditions & Cleans Hair
    • Balances Scalp’s oil Production
    • Adds Shine & Smoothness Hair
    • Grows Hair Faster & Prevents Hair Damage/Loss
    • Prevents Hair Breakage & Reduces Frizz
    • Massages Scalp & Increases Blood Flow by Unclogging Hair Follicles
    • Hair Cuticles are Sealed, Producing a Smooth, Soft Texture From Roots to Ends


    • Lightweight & Ergonomic Hair Brush
    • Firm & Non-Slip Textured Grip for More Control & Comfort
    • One-Piece Handle to eliminate hair catching and pulling
    • Anti-Static, Anti-Bacterial, & Highly Heat Resistant

    Available in all Sizes:

    • 3.3" Hair Brush - Ideal for Long Hair
    • 2.9" Hair Brush - Ideal for Mid-Long Hair
    • 2.5" Hair Brush - Ideal for Medium Hair
    • 2.1" Hair Brush - Ideal for Short Hair

    NOTE: Please choose the appropriate Hair Brush size per your Hair length