Cortex Beauty - 2 in. Volumizing Blowout Brush - BLACK

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    If you are looking for exceptional volume, lift and shine, look no further than the Cortex Beauty 2" Volumizing Blowout Hot Brush. This brush is designed to give your hair volume as you effortlessly dry your hair, creating salon-quality blowouts every time! Its lightweight, ergonomic design makes it a breeze to handle, while its 2" oval barrel, 360° airflow vent, two speeds, and three heat settings provide the perfect combination of flexibility and precision for all your styling needs.

    Product Features:

    -1000 Watts of Drying Power 

    - 2 Speed & Heat Settings 

    - 360° Swivel Cord 

    - 2" Oval Barrel 

    - 1000 Watts of Drying Power 

    - 2 Speed & Heat Settings 

    - 360° Airflow Vent 

    - Lightweight Ergonomic Design 

    Specifications: 120V | 60Hz | 1000w

    1. Prepare and plug in: Start with clean, towel-dried hair. 

    2. Plug the hot brush into a power outlet.

    3. Turn on and set: Switch on the hot brush and choose your preferred speed and heat settings.

    4. Style with ease: Gently glide the hot brush through your hair to dry and style, creating salon-quality blowouts with exceptional volume, lift, and shine.

    5. Experiment with settings: Try different heat and speed combinations to find the best one for your hair type and style.

    6. Turn off and store: When done, turn off the hot brush, unplug it, and store it safely.

    Note: Follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines for best results.