CHADA - Luxury Foundation Powder


    Full coverage yet sheer and comfort to the touch

    Formulated with Light Scattering Desert Rose-Shaped Pigment from Japan, this foundation powder is equipped with a complex yet sheer porous pigment structure that is designed to absorb excess oil and helps your make up stay put together for 12 hours. With an extra-radiant light-diffuse reflecting technology, the foundation powder seamlessly blends into your skin to create a natural flawless look while concealing fine lines, melasmas, freckles,spots and blemishes.

    Locks up and reverses aging skin

    Pamper your skin with the innovative Alpine Rose Stem Cell Extract. Known as a rare Swiss alpine plant, this pink rose has stunning diverse strategies that allow it to withstand drought,wind and sun on a 2000m altitude. These attributes are captured in Alpine Rose Stem Cell Extract – an active stem cell extract cultured from leaves of Rhododendron Ferrugineum roses using the latest pharmaceutical technology.
    Alpine Rose leaves are packed with phenolic compounds – natural antioxidants that combat free-radicals at epidermal stem cell level. The active ingredient safeguards the skin from degeneration and locks up moisture while calming irritation and reversing the sun damage.
    Use Chada Luxury Foundation Powder with Alpine rose stem cell regularly to see the result and regain your skin’s youthful lustre.

    Safeguard to delicate skin

    Ceramides – bioactive lipid molecules that bind protective cells in the outermost skin layer to protect the skin from external harms. Chada Luxury Foundation powder is the first product that combines Ceramide -Treated Powder innovation from Korea to build up skin’s natural ceramides which decrease through time. Adding ceramides to you skin maximizes the skin’s ability to retain moisture and combat pollutions, aging, dryness, irritations. Your skin will be plumped up and moisten for a longer period of time.

    No more shine

    Chada Luxury Foundation powder is the first product with patent Sebum Absorptive Powder– an active ingredient that can selectively absorb surface oil, leaving a dewy radiant look for the rest of your day. Your skin will be balanced, calm, shine-free and dry-free. No more line clogging but a natural healthy skin.

    Banish chalky and cakey face

    With appropriate silicone-coated pigments, Chada Luxury Foundation Powder allows the skin to release adequate amount of fat on your face. Completely water-resistant, the foundation powder seals your make up from greasy oil and sweat, unveiling a healthy smooth skin.

    A natural barrier to UV and light damages

    Protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays even on a shady day. Equipped with PA+++, this foundation powder protects you from the stubborn long wavelength lights which can pass through clouds, glasses or come out of lamps and computer screen. These harmful lights can penetrate beyond your surface layer, resulting in dull skin, pre-mature wrinkles,  blemishes. SPF30 protects you from short wavelength lights like UVB which burn the outer skin, cause blemishes and rashes. This light is also a root cause to melasma and dryness.

    Chada Luxury Foundation Powder comes with an ultra-soft sponge, a skin-perfecting powder application grade A from Japan. Composed of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (BNR) 100%, the sponge is durable, clean yet gentle and smooth, providing the best application result.

    • Combines all latest cosmetic innovations.
    • Unveil 12-hour of flawless skin with the innovative Light Scattering Desert Rose-Shaped Pigment from Japan.
    • Age-reversal with Alpine Rose Stem Cell Extract from Switzerland.
    • Safeguard to delicate skin with Ceramide Treated Powder from Korea.
    • Oil control with latest Sebum Absorptive Powder.
    • Skin barrier with SPF 30 PA+++.
    • Water Resistance.
    • Anti-acne, Perfume-free and Paraben-free.

    Net Weight: 12 g

    Use as direct.
    Product Type: Pressed Foundation
    Skin Types: SensitiveDryMatureAcne Prone
    SPF: 16-30
    Preferences: Parabens-Free
    Ingredients: RoseAntioxidant