CellByCell - BeautyCell LED Device


    A premium at home beauty solution equipped with 6 key modes to achieve your skin goals. This device combines the latest skincare technology. Electrotherapy, Mico-Vibration frequency, and LED Light Therapy. This device promotes elastic skin, a refined face shape, and a youthful appearance. Easily control its intensity for daily 10 minute sessions. Power it on and select the desired strength level.

    Product Features:

    • LED RED (636±10)nm - Anti Aging, promotes regeneration of cells, improves skin's elasticity and prevents aging and wrinkles
    • LED YELLOW (592±10)nm- Brightening, promotes brightening the skin tone, improves vascular lesions, melasma, and bruising/red marks on skin
    • LED BLUE (412±10)nm- Trouble care, Disinfects and sterilizes skin, improves skin conditions such as acne and keratosis
    • LED ALL / NONE - Low frequency vibration of 200RPMs activates skin's metabolism and regeneration, rapidly upgrading skin's elasticity

    1. After gently cleansing the face, apply desired skincare product to face
    2. Choose desired function and gently glide across skin in desired pattern
    3. Continue to use Beautycell in desired pattern until product is fully absorbed into the skin
    4. Once skincare product is fully absorbed into the skin, finish with intensive care