Cadiveu - Detox Home Care Kit


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    Cadiveu Detox Home Care Kit is a treatment for the scalp. It's unique formula balances greasiness, eliminates peeling and nourishes the hair.

    Our Detox is a deep cleansing line that detoxifies and cleanses the scalp preparing the area for the growth of durable and resistant hair. Remove impurities from the hair, giving it more shine and health. It's use results in a healthy hair follicle, ideal for people with dandruff and hair loss.

    Beauty and health in just one product, can someone spell perfection? Double growth and maximum health.

    Get the Kit! It can be used by professionals and people at home.

    Results: Purified and revitalized scalp, ready for healthy and strong hair to grow.

    Kit Contains:

    • Detox Protein: It gives back nutrients, eliminates frizz and guarantees softness and radiant shine!
    • Detox Shampoo: Helps control oiliness and remove scalp flaking, as well as promoting hair growth.
    • Detox Conditioner: Directly contributes to the strengthening hair fiber while also providing silky hair.

    Net Weigh:

    • Detox Protein: 320 ml or 10.8 fl oz.
    • Detox Shampoo: 250 ml or 8.4 fl.oz
    • Detox Conditioner: 250 ml or 8.4 fl oz.
    Salicy Acid, Jambu, Essential Nutrients.
    Apply Detox Protein to dry hair from roots to end, enough to moisten hair. Then proceed with washing the hair. For this part you will dilute 10 ml of shampoo in 50 ml of water. Massage gently into scalp and rinse with abundant water. Apply conditioner to clean, damp hair from roots to ends but avoiding contact with scalp. Let it act for 2 minutes and rinse.