Blue Monarch Skincare - Luxury Loofah Mitten


    Designed For:​ All skin types.

    1 Loofa

    Benefits: ​Mitten-shaped for easy-to-use, focused cleaning. Hand-crocheted to last using a lovely, reinforced, windmill pattern. Reusable by washing with your towels. Gently exfoliates to clean blemishes and spots, removes impurities, deep cleans pores. Machine Washable!

    100% natural, premium cotton

    Additional Information: ​Vegan, cruelty-free, Toxin-Free.

     ​Put loofah on one hand like a glove, with your other hand, rub soap onto the wet loofa until suds appear. Using a gentle, circular motion, cleans the body, including hard-to-reach areas then rinse. When you are cleansed and revitalized, rinse the loofah until the water runs clear, and hang to dry.