BILLY JEALOUSY - Duo Shave Hydroplane Shave Cream (8 oz. & 2 oz.)


    This Kit Contains Hydroplane Superslick Shave Cream In Both A Full 8 oz. Size And A Convenient 2 oz. Size For Travel!

    Dragging A Blade Across Your Face Every Day Doesn'T Have To Be A Grind. Reinvent The Lost Art Of Smooth Shaving With Hydroplane Shave Cream: A Rich, Technologically Advanced, Foamless Cream That Keeps You Looking Sharp And Feeling Noticed. After All, Sometimes It Isn'T Nice To Play Rough.

    Key Ingredients

    • Dimethicone: Water-Soluble Organic Micro-Silicone. Yields A Frictionless Shave.
    • Natural Fruit Oils: Condition And Moisturize Skin And Beard. Best For Eliminating Shaving Irritation, Bumps, Nicks, Cuts And Ingrown Hairs.

    Key Benefits

    • Best Seller! Vegan, Colorants Free, Fragrance Free, Cruelty Free, Made In America.
    • No Benzocaine, Reduces Irritation, Calms Skin, Prevent Nicks And Cuts