Bee-Patch - Bee-Patch Box (2-Pack)


    The unique patch removes the poison after sting from bees and wasps. By osmosis the poison is transported up into the sugar membrane. Hereby lowering both pain and swelling with up to 86% within one hour. Can be used by both children and adults.

    Product Features:

    • Medicine free
    • Only natural product
    • Contains 10 pcs. of patch

    Net Weight: 2 x (9 g / 0.28 oz.)

    App. 220 Mg Sugar (sucrose).
    Remove the stinger from the skin if it is still there, unpack the patch, add 2-3 drops of water or salvia on the middle of the patch. Place the patch on the injured skin, press firmly and leave the patch on for 1 h.
    Product Type: Bee Sting & Insect Bite Relief
    Preferences: Natural