bareMinerals - Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush


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    bareMinerals knows their business when creating makeup brushes. This Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush works best for its purpose and it is a must-have to bring with you all the time. This silky, soft brush provides you with full, complete and maximum concealing coverage, fast. The brush is made with Taklon and has firm bristles with a medium-sized head to hold more of bareMinerals SPF 20 Concealer for effortless application. Take immediate control and cover up skin imperfections like blemishes, scars and broken capillaries with a simple patting technique. Using this brush gets the job done well and fast and blends completely with foundation without leaving any lines. You can't go wrong with this brush, so keep it close to you for a quick solution to those unwanted imperfections.

    • A go-to, silky soft brush that gives you maximum concealing coverage whenever you need it.
    • Makes it possible to cover up and take control of your skin imperfections with a simple pat.
    • Has a firm and medium-sized brush head that is able to hold more of the SPF 20 Concealer.
    • Easy to use with a patting technique that leaves no lines and blends well with foundation.
    • Made with Taklon.
    Use a patting technique to cover imperfections before or after applying your foundation.