bareMinerals - Gorgeous Glide Liner Brush


    It's difficult to find a reliable and effective eyeliner brush that will work every time because of our eyes are all shaped differently. Good thing, bareMinerals wants the best for you and has created this one-of-a-kind eyeliner brush that will adapt to the curves of your eyes, all of them. The Gorgeous Glide Liner Brush is going to be the perfect match for your eyeliner, whether wet or dry. It has a hand-shaped, scooped design that hugs your lash line and makes it effortless to apply eyeliner. Have fun in tracing color on your eye area creating tight, smooth and natural definition, every single time. The synthetic fibers make every glide a smooth one whenever you apply your eyeliner. The work is done, no more fuss and mess with this brush made for you by bareMinerals.

    • A uniquely designed eyeliner brush that adapts to any curve of your eyes.
    • Has a hand-shaped, scooped design that makes it easy to trace color on your lash line.
    • Creates a natural yet defined finish on your eyes whether wet or dry eyeliner is used.
    • Glides on smoothly for effortless application.
    • Made with synthetic fibers.
    Synthetic Fibers
    Start at the outer eye corner and move the brush along your lash line, stopping at the center. Pick up the brush tip, and place it at the inner eye corner. Move from inner eye corner and across the lash line until the two lines meet in the center. Use the small tip to detail & highlight around the inner eye corner.