bareMinerals - Blooming Blush Brush


    If you're not sure about your makeup brush then maybe you should pick this Blooming Blush Brush up. This highly engineered and cutting edge blush brush by bareMinerals had 15 prototypes before it so you are ensured perfection. This unique brush is packed with dense fibers that translate to beautiful color payoff every single time. It has an intricate 3D design that puts in work not just double but triple duty. The brush has an angled shape that chisels your cheekbones while the domed tip makes it easier to diffuse and soften edges, and there is a flared side to sweep color over wide surface areas for a blooming effect from within. You will love how the natural fibers feel on your skin and how effortless it takes you to sweep and bloom colors on your face. Make it a habit to use this brush with your bronzers, blushes and other face colors.

    • A blush brush with a unique design that has densely packed fibers that creates beautiful color payoffs and an intricate 3D design that works triple duty.
    • A highly engineered, cutting edge, makeup brush that was finally created and approved after 15 prototypes.
    • The angled shape is made to chisel cheekbones, the dome tip works to diffuse and soften edges, while the flared sides help sweep over wider surface areas for a blooming effect.
    • Great for sweeping and blooming with bronzers, blushes and face colors.
    • Made with natural fibers.
    Upward Sweep. For even application, always lead with the shorter side of the brush.
    Product Type: Tools for Face
    Preferences: Natural