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How to choose Jane Iredale foundation shade

How to choose Jane Iredale foundation shadeCOLOR GUIDE FOR BASES


In color-coding, people who have cool undertone are referred to as Winter or Summer because of the underlying blue tone to skin, hair, eyes, teeth, etc. Winters and Summers usually tan easily, although Summers will have more sun-damage because they tend to have fairer complexions.

Use the combinations below, as a guide only. Many times, Winters have olive or strong yellow tones to their skins – Asians, for example. They are much better wearing a yellow base so that makeup doesn’t appear to lay on top of the skin and look like a mask. However, the cool blush, eye shadows and lipsticks best enhance their features making teeth whiter and eyes brighter.

Light Beige : Fair with pink undertones.
Natural Medium : Fair with pink undertones.
Honey Bronze : Medium/Tan with pink undertones. Also use as a blush.


In color-coding, people who have warm undertones are referred to as Spring or Autumn because of the underlying yellow tone to skin, hair, eyes, teeth, etc. Springs and Autumns do not tan easily. They may tan eventually but usually burn first. Sun protection is important for all skin types, but it is essential for Springs and Autumns. Also included in this section are our darker bases, all of which have yellow/gold undertones. The global shades are best combined with cool blushes, eye and lip colors.

Warm Silk: Fair with yellow undertones. Almost a universal color.
Amber: Medium Fair with yellow undertones
Warm Sienna: Medium Fair with strong yellow undertones. This also works well on Asian skins.
Golden Glow: Medium with yellow/gold undertones. This is a mixture of Warm Sienna and Latte.
Latte: Medium/Dark with yellow/brown undertones. Also use as a bronzer.

Caramel: Medium/Dark with yellow/gold undertones.
Autumn: Medium/Dark with strong gold undertones.
Teakwood: Medium/Dark with gold/pink undertones.
Fawn: Medium/Dark with a slight green undertone. For Indian/Asian skins.
Maple: Dark with gold undertones. Use also as a bronzer.
Chestnut: Dark with red/gold undertones.
Terra: Very Dark with yellow undertones.


Ivory: Our lightest base.
Bisque: Very light with slight hint of yellow.
Satin: Mid-way between Bisque and Suntan. Use on someone who isn’t obviously warm or cool.
Radiant: Medium with brown undertones. No yellow or pink. Good on all skin tones including Asian.
Suntan: Medium/Tan. A neutral with a very slight pink tone. Works well on cool and warm skin tones. Also use as a bronzer.

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