WFG Waterfall Glen Soap Company - Face Mask - Bella, French clay with pearls


    Remarkable and luxurious facial mask of asian pearls and ultra fine french clay.  An ancient Chinese beauty secret used for over 3,000 years to provide lustrous, beautiful skin and a healthy appearance. Renown for fighting signs of aging and leaves a luxurious natural sheen to the skin. We blend two incredible elements with Tunisian floral water of neroli. Exotic and invigorating with its alluring natural aroma, considered an aphrodisiac experience. Each gold jar contains enough ready-to-use clay mask for multiple indulgent experiences. French clay; although the mildest of all clay masks, is micro dermabrasive with a natural detox effect. Your skin will feel a slight tingle ....that's the magic of the french clay working. Remove the clay with a warm, wet washcloth to a slight pinkish glow fading to a beautiful, radiance. Each Bella golden jar arrives in an elegant gold satin drawstring bag. Our golden jar signature makes Bella your sumptuous and naturally healthy skin care regime. Remarkable and luxurious facial mask of Asian pearls and ultra fine french clay. A perfect holiday gift for anyone... even you! Waterfall Glen Soap Company is 99% plastic free with all packaging.

    Product Features:

    • French yellow clay with real freshwater pearls
    • Paraben free, SLS free, GMO free, Gluten free
    • Cruelty Free

    Net Weight: 9.5 oz.

    French Yellow Clay, Neroli Botanical Water, Crushed Asian Freshwater Pearl Powder, Citric Acid, Vitamin E
    Wash face, apply thin even layer of clay around eyes, mouth. Cover face, neck and other body parts. Apply to feet and wrap in plastic. Allow clay to dry and gently wash free with warm water. If clay dries out use distilled water only to revitalize. DO NOT USE TAP WATER. Be careful around garments as clay may stain fabric.