Transderma - Travel Set

Transderma - Travel Set

No Longer Available


    By popular demand: a very special set of all five of Transderma’s revolutionary serums, in miniature. Each travel-size serum is 3 ml. The set includes cellular energizing serum Transderma O, rejuvenating vitamin serum Transderma C, award-winning antioxidant serum Transderma R, vitamin night serum Transderma A, and intense moisturizing serum Transderma M. Perfect for travel or to give you or a friend the opportunity to try all five of our exceptionally pure, scientifically advanced serums.

    Set includes: Five Transderma Serums – Travel Size

    • Transderma O – Optimal Booster Serum 3 ml
    • Transderma C – Vitamin C Serum 3 ml
    • Transderma R – Resveratrol Serum 3 ml
    • Transderma A – Vitamin A Night Serum 3 ml
    • Transderma M – Moisturizing Serum 3 ml