The Complete Man - Divine Oud Eau De Perfume


    Complete Man is that one masculine, polished scent that ought to adorn any man’s grooming kit. Powerful, but not overpowering, this perfume announces to the world, that you’re the kind of man who is worldly and sophisticated. The Top Notes of Vanilla and Bergamot, lure those around you in. While the Heart of Musk, Leather and Cassis, seduce their senses, while revealing your harder, rougher edges. The base notes of Sandalwood, Oud, Amber and Patchouli, thrill the senses and keep you on top of everyone’s mind. The perfume of success, the perfume of a man who doesn’t have to try, too hard.

    Top: Vanilla, Bergamot

    Heart: Musk, Leather, Cassis

    Base: Sandalwood, Oud, Amber, Patchouli


    • Long-lasting freshness
    • Perfect for everyday use

    Net Weight: 100 ml

    Alcohol 40B, Water, Fragrance
    Hold about 6 to 8 centimeters away and spray on pulse points

    For best results apply unscented lotion or petroleum jelly on pulse points before spraying.

    Product Type: Cologne