Thalgo - Thalgo Menosvelt 30 Capsules

Thalgo - Thalgo Menosvelt 30 Capsules

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    Thalgo Menosvelt is for pre-menopausal or menopausal women concerned by changes of figure, belly fat, bloating, and water retention.

    Net Weight: 30 counts

    Thalgo Menosvelt Contains Undaria Pinnatifida And "Anti-Water Retention" Complex (Sea Fennel, Ash Tree, And Green Tea)
    Take 2 capsules of Thalgo Menosvelt per day with a meal. Repeatable two-week treatment course. Supplement can be used in conjunction with any other Thalgo Nutrition treatment course, being careful not to exceed the maximum iodine amounts used (150 µg per day): 1 gel capsule = 7.65 µg
    Product Type: Supplements
    Ingredients: Green TeaAlgae