Teana Laboratories - Concentrated Ampoule Serum Elastin For Soft and Smooth Skin


    This serum helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles, increase the skin’s suppleness and elasticity on the face and neck, and provides deep long-term hydration.

    Result:smooth and velvety skin.

    Skin type: aging skin with a lot of small wrinkles. Contains 3D-hylauronic acid - a new formulation of Teana Laboratories. Compare to a standard hylauronic acid, the 3D formulation is composed of 3 different sized molecules, which allows it to penetrate down to the skin`s deepest level, moisturizing the skin instantly.

    Ideal face skin support in case of quick weight loss.

    Product Features:

    • Increases elasticity and suppleness
    • Smoothes wrinkles
    • Moisturizes deeply

    Net Weight: 10 x 2 ml

    3D Hyaluronic Acid Gel, Hydrolyzed Elastin.
    Apply a small amount of serum to clean face, neck and décolleté until completely absorbed. Can be used before cream or mask. You can also mix a few drops with your cream or other basicskincare and apply as usual. Use twice a day. For best results, a course of 10-14 days is recommended. In case of an allergic reaction, stop to use. A light tingling and temporary redness are normal, indication the bioactive ingredients are working. A change of color or sedimentation may occur in the serum and does not indicate any loss of quality. Shake the ampoule before use. Store in a dry, cool place (below 77F). Ones opened, the ampoule must be stored in a refrigerator and used within 3 days.