Teana Laboratories - Concentrated Ampoule Serum 24-hour Antistress Effective Protection


    This serum is designed specifically to increase the skin’s local immunity, restore its energy and moisture balance and saturate it with vitamins and amino acids. As a result, cellular metabolism is improved, and the skin regains its health and looks fresh and radiant.

    Result: fresh and radiant skin.

    Skin type: any exposed to fatigue and stress.

    Product Features:

    • Refreshes and fills with energy
    • Improves elasticity and gives radiance
    • Brings back a healthy complexion

    Net Weight: 10 x 2 ml

      Witch Hazel Extract, Vitamin A, Amino Acids (acetyl Tyrosine And Proline), Vegetable Protein, Adenosine Triphosphate, Beetroot Extract, Haberlea Extract, Yeast Extract, Panthenol.
    Apply a small amount of serum to clean face, neck and décolleté until completely absorbed. Can be used before cream or mask. You can also mix a few drops with your cream or other basicskincare and apply as usual. Use twice a day. For best results, a course of 10-14 days is recommended. In case of an allergic reaction, stop to use. A light tingling and temporary redness are normal, indication the bioactive ingredients are working. A change of color or sedimentation may occur in the serum and does not indicate any loss of quality. Shake the ampoule before use. Store in a dry, cool place (below 77F). Ones opened, the ampoule must be stored in a refrigerator and used within 3 days.