Teana Laboratories - Calming and Relaxing Alginate Mask Sea Breeze with Blackberry,Vitamin C and Myoxinol Couperose Treatment


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    This mask targets the problem of couperose. It calms the skin fast, reducing redness and lightening pigmentation. It stimulates blood microcirculation, helps strengthen capillary walls, and gives antioxidant protection. Vitamin C tones tired skin, filling it with a youthful energy. Myoxinol helps smooth expression lines.

    Result: calmer, smoother skin with a rested appearance.

    Skin type: sensitive skin with spider veins.

    Product Features:

    • Calms and relieves redness
    • Strengthens capillary walls
    • Lightens pigmentation and smoothes the tone
    • Moisturizes deeply

    Net Weight: 5 pcs 30g each

    Algin, Rice Powder, Vitamin C, Bilberry Extract, Myoxinol (hibiscus Extract).
    Cleanse: wash your face and neck with warm water and face cleanser. Apply serum: to enhance the effect of using our ampoule serums and masks, apply any of our serums or bio-essence of your choice until completely absorbed. Make the mask: put one package of the mask in a bowl. Add 70-90 ml of warm water to make a paste (first add 2/3 of water and mix the mask, then add the rest of your water and mix the mask again). Apply the mask: apply the paste using silicone spatula or fingertips, covering all the skin including area around your eyes and neck. The mixture should be up to 2 mm thick. Let sit: Allow the past to dry for 15-20 minutes. Remove: peel-off the mask starting from the neck. Use a wet washcloth to finish up, if needed. Finish with a toner and/or moisturizer. For best results, a course of 10-15 masks is recommended. Use 3 time per week. In case of an allergic reaction, rinse right away and stop to use.