Teana Laboratories - Beauty Booster for Ideal Face Shape


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    BOOSTER — is a supercharger for any skincare treatment, including serums and creams. This revolutionary highly active product increases the effectiveness of cosmetic bioactive ingredients’ action on the skin. This leads to phenomenal results comparable to beauty salon cosmetology (such as injections, laser rejuvenation, etc.). This booster gives a phenomenal facelift without asurgery. It strengthens the skin’s structure and stimulates lipolysis, reducing double chin and giving a powerful lifting effect in the areas with sagging skin. It reduces wrinkles and slows down photo-aging, ensuring a more youthful face contour in just 3 weeks!

    Result: more pronounced facial contours and supple skin.

    Skin type: any.

    Product Features:

    • Lifts the skin in the neck and cheek area
    • Smoothes wrinkles
    • Firms facial contours
    • Protects from the age-related deformation

    Net Weight: 0.7 oz. / 20 ml

    XEP-018, Neurophroline, Mariliance, Slim-Excess, Unisteron Y-50, Unirepair ?-43, Relistase, Majestem.
    Boosters are highly effective as a stand-alone product or when embedded into your daily routine. Can be applied on its own, before applying a moisturizer. It can also be mixed and combined with a moisturizer then applied both morning andnight before going to bed. Use three or four drops of product to apply, using circular movements and gently pinching skin.