Talika - Lipocils and Black 2-in-1 Eyelash Growth Stimulator and Mascara

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    2-in-1 eyelash growth stimulator + mascara

    Step 1: L I P O C I L S ® The legendary formula for natural eyelash growth Containing 12 botanicals Stimulates growth

    Step 2: B L A C K M A S C A R A Exclusive mascara formula Gorgeous deep black look Lengthens, volumizes and curls Stimulates keratin synthesis

    Net Weight: 2.5 ml / 0.08 oz. (x 2)

    Each Morning:1. Apply Lipocils® treatment to cleansed lashes.2. Apply Black mascara when desired.Each evening: 1. Cleanse lashes, optimally with Talika LashConditioning Cleanser. 2. Apply Lipocils® treatment to cleansed lashes.