Talika - Bust High and C The Lift and Boost Effect Bust Serum

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Talika - Bust High and C The Lift and Boost Effect Bust Serum

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    The breasts are both a nourishing source of life and an effective expression of femininity, but they are also very vulnerable. As the breasts are only supported by the surrounding skin, they can sag as a result of time and life events, becoming a major concern for women. Talika has gauged its significance and developed a serum which acts as an effective “bust lifter”. The tightening effect of BUST HIGH&C® is immediate. It limits skin slackening and strenghtens the matrix fibers for a stretching action.Enriched with Oil of Sweet Almond, BUST HIGH&C® nourishes and softens skin while also hydrating and pumpling it intensely thanks to a concentration of hyaluronic acid. The unique formula of BUST HIGH&C® enhances the curve of the bust, for breasts that are firmer and lifted.

    Extract of Ngalama Bark - Reinforces elasticity and firms

    Vitamin C - Provides vitality and a boost effect

    Oil of Sweet Almond - Nourishes the skin and leaves it supple.

    Hyaluronic Acid - Moisturises and plumps.

    Oat Sugar - Immediate tightening effect

    Peptide Expert - Stretch effect

    Net Weight: 75 ml / 2.54 oz.

     Apply to the base of your chest. Massage in sweeping figures of 8, horizontally, up to the top of your neckline, twice a day. Do not use if under 18, during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.