Supersmile - Professional Activating Rods (x 5)

Supersmile - Professional Activating Rods (x 5)

No Longer Available


    Our Professional Activating Rods clean and condition teeth for maximum whitening results.  First, the gel primes the enamel, then the synergy between the gel and our Supersmile Professional Whitening Toothpaste safely accelerates the whitening process for whiter teeth without harsh abrasives.

    • Prepares: Hydrogen Peroxide prepares tooth enamel for maximum whitening efficiency.
    • Whitens: The synergy between the Rods and the Supersmile Professional Whitening System safely accelerates the whitening process.
    • Cleans: Sodium Bicarbonate cleans the surface of the tooth for more efficient whitening.
    • Safely:  Conditions the tooth enamel for accelerated whitening without harsh abrasives.
    • Flavor: Original Mint

    Net Weight: 0.28 ml / 0.001 oz. (x 5)

     Use as direct.
    Product Type: Oral Care
    Concerns: Tooth Whitening
    Ingredients: Hydrogen PeroxideGlycerin