Sugar Me Smooth - Hydrating Body Oils

Sugar Me Smooth - Hydrating Body Oils

No Longer Available


    Out With The Old, In With The Smooth

    Sugar Me Smooth Hydrating Body Oils restore nutrients and moisture back to the skin both after sugaring and for the maintenance of flaky, dry skin.

    Your skin will glow for hours as our skin care products are never diluted for the finest skincare.

    • 100% All Natural- Rich in Aloe Vera & Vitamin E.
    • Calming - Re-hydrates and smooths the skin.
    • For Everybody - Perfect for all skin types.
    • Quality - Never diluted for the finest and most effective care of the skin.
    • Infused – Essential and All Natural Oils provide an All-Natural source of fragrance.
    • Anti-Aging - Protects & conditions to keep your skin looking ageless!

    Net Weight: 2 fl. oz.

    Aloe Vera Oil (Glycine Soja Oil And Aloe Powder), Vitamin Essential, All Natural Oils