StriVectinLABS - Facial Toner

StriVectinLABS - Facial Toner

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    Innovative Facial Toner uses natural, comfortable electrotherapy stimulation to send gentle electrical pulses, which help enhance the beauty and youthful appearance of the face.
    • Targets key facial muscles known to atrophy after age 30 - this atrophying leads to hallowing of the face and creasing of skin
    • Same advanced technology used in doctor's offices and high spas
    • FDA cleared
    • Includes 3 pairs of gel pads

    The FDA-cleared StriVectinLABS Facial Toner utilizes the same advanced electrotherapy used in doctor's offices and high-end spas. Like all muscles in the body, facial muscles need to be gently exercised to preserve the muscle mass and volume that define the shape of the face. The Facial Toner gently stimulates the nerves that control the major facial muscles for a younger looking appearance. In a 12-week clinical study, 94% agreed skin was firmer, 90% agreed face was more toned and 80% agreed face looked lifted.

    It's recommended that gel pads be replaced at least once a week as the surface picks up skin debris and becomes dry over time.

    StriVectinLABS Facial Toner Includes:

    • Facial Toner Device
    • Hand Held Controller
    • 3 x AAA Batteries
    • 6 Pairs of Medical-Grade Gel Pads
    • Instruction Manual
    • Quick Start Guide

    With continued use, the Facial Toner restores muscle mass and tone, returning volume to cheeks and giving the appearance of lifted skin.


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5 Stars based on 1 reviews
By Adrianna B
Jersey City, NJ, USA
Amazing facial toner!
May 4, 2015
I have been using this lovely and completely amazing facial toner from Stri vectin labs, and I'm completely convinced and satisfied with its utility. Would definitely recommend this product. This device applies electrotherapy to tone the face and is FDA cleared and contains three gel pads exclusively used for toning purpose. The toner contains batteries to operate the device, facial toner device, handheld controller, instruction manual, quick start guide and six pairs of medical grade gel pads.
ProsTones facial muscles and mass. Lifts skin.
ConsNot recommended for dry and sensitive skin types.