Sothys - First Wrinkles Revitalizing Serum Grade 1

Sothys - First Wrinkles Revitalizing Serum Grade 1

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    Sothys First Wrinkles Revitalizing Serum is formulated to treat Grade 1 aging: the first wrinkles and expression lines that appear in your 30s. The Revitalizing Serum will revitalize the skin and prevent the appearance of the first wrinkles.

    In this exclusive anti-aging program from Sothys, H2CR is combined with specific actives. H2CR, Cell Health Restoring Complex, is a complex of plant messenger peptides and powerful antioxidants for improved cell communication and ultimate protection.  

    H2CR complex
    Sugar-Ribose: restores cellular energy to bring vitality and radiance

    Directions: Apply 2-3 pumps of the serum on the face and neck, morning and evening before the usual day cream.

    Net Weight: 1 oz./30 ml


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