Skone Cosmetics - Luxe Pro Small Creme Brush


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    Our Small Crème Brush is made of premier nylon fiber and is firm enough to apply any cream makeup, primer, shadow or concealer. Its small rounded brush edge design hugs the contours of the eyes and makes the application of crème, powder, minerals baked or liquid products a breeze. For the makeup lover who has no problem performing routine brush maintenance, this brush will stand the test of time.

    Net weight: 4.3 g / 6 x 163 mm.

    Wood Handle And Hairs Made With The Finest Synthetic Nylon.
    This can be used for concealing in small areas or applying crème shadows on your lids. Gently pat on color and softly blend out.
    Product Type: Tools for Eyes
    Preferences: Certified Cruelty-Free