Skone Cosmetics - Luxe Pro 14-Piece Set

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    Our 14 Piece Luxe Pro Brush set is a deluxe collection of professional quality cosmetic brushes. Whether you want to create show-stopping smoky eyes or a flawless face, each brush in our Luxe Pro set will help you achieve the look you want. This magnificent set features fourteen superbly soft brushes that were built to last.

    Brushes in the set include: Large Shadow, Small Shadow, Angle Shadow, Smokey, Lip, Brow Definer, Brow/Lash, Blending, Liner, Smudger, Foundation, Contour, Small Crème and Powder.

    Net Weight: 139.6 g

    Wood Handle And Hairs Made With The Finest Synthetic Nylon.
    Use brushes to create an entire makeup look.
    Product Type: Brush Sets
    Preferences: Certified Cruelty-Free