Skone Cosmetics - Lip Charm


    Fall in love with the softest, most pigmented lipstick to ever touch your lips! Introducing: The Lip Charm Collection. Our creamy, full coverage lipstick provides long lasting coverage that will make your lips feel soft and hydrated. This vegan formula is enriched with Vitamin E, Avocado oil and camellia oil, moves comfortably with your lips, never caking or feathering. And the smell of it will almost make you eat it!

    Each lipstick is housed in an ultra-luxurious gold package and a diamond encrusted cap!

    Choose from...

    • Lexington -  dusty salmon.
    • Maxamillion - cool merlot.
    • Jaxx - starburst red.
    • Sebastian -  brownish tan mauve.
    • Channing - pink mauve.
    • Fitz - fuchsia.

    At Skone, our goal is to provide you the highest quality makeup and makeup tools. The entire Boyfriend Collection is 100% organic, vegan, USA Made, and not, nor ever will be, tested on animals.

    Net weight: 3.2 g