Seven Saints - Throat Chakra 5 Pure Aromatherapy Balancing Oil Blend


    Activate and heal your Throat Chakra with our powerful 100% pure aromatherapy blend with carefully selected ingredients.

    The throat chakra, (otherwise known as the fifth chakra) is located at the throat and thyroid region. It relates to how clearly and authentically we express ourselves in the world. When it's balanced and healthy we speak and make decisions with integrity, and are true to our own inner voice.

    5th Chakra Properties:

    Color - Blue

    Element - Ether

    Sound - HAM

    Minerals - Aquamarine, Amazonite and Turquoise.

    Net weight: 5 ml

    100% Pure (undiluted) Essential Oils Of Lavender, Clary Sage And Palmarosa.

    Made In The USA From 100% Pure Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils.

    Simply place a few drops inside a pom pom and place into our aromatherapy diffuser jewelry. Reap the benefits of chakra balancing all day long. Alternatively, add to your favorite carrier oil for a healing massage experience, or diffuse into the air with an aromatherapy diffuser.