Seven Saints - Inner Peace 100% Pure Aromatherapy Spray


    Create serenity and tranquility, uplift the spirits, and harmonize the mind with our 100% pure Inner Peace essential oil spray.

    This definitive blend is ideal for relaxation, rejuvenation, promoting feelings of inner peace, and creating a calm and relaxing environment.

    Net weight: 4 fl oz.

    Filtered Water: Hydrating And Refreshing To The Skin.

    Lavender: Nerve Tonic, Adaptogenic. Balances Mood Swings, Promotes A Sense Of Well-Being.

    Patchouli: Respiratory Relaxant, General Tonic. Grounds, Uplifts, And Helps Balance Mood Swings.

    Sweet Orange: Sedative. Uplifts, Refreshes, And Calms The Mind. Promotes A Sense Of Peace.

    Ylang Ylang: Sedative. Relaxes, Calms, And Uplifts The Mind. Promotes A Sense Of Joy.

    Tangerine: Sedative. Relaxes, Calms, And Refreshes The Mind.

    Spray around face and body, avoiding contact with eyes. Use as a room spritzer to set the tone for healing and relaxation. Also perfect for yoga teachers and holistic health practitioners to assist students and clients enter a state of restful peace.

    Carry with you and spritz on the go whenever you need to refresh and recenter. Use as part of your night time ritual to set a calming, harmonious mood.

    Product Type: Facial SpritzersPerfumes
    Preferences: Essential Oils