Seven Saints - Clarity 100% Pure Aromatherapy Oil Blend


    This is our amazing 100% pure essential oil blend that brings clarity to the mind and peace to the heart. Perfect for those moments when you feel dull, flat, and uninspired. We all have them!

    Our Clarity blend can help lift mental fatigue and cloudiness, increase alertness and concentration, and restore balance when we've been under a lot of emotional stress.

    Net weight: 5 ml

    100 % Pure Essential Oils Of Basil, Bergamot, Grapefruit And Lavender.

    Made In The USA From Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils.

    Place one to two drops onto a pom pom and place inside our aromatherapy diffuser jewelry. Wear all day to revitalize and renew energy and vitality. Diffusing this oil into the air with an aromatherapy diffuser also enlivens the environment. Add a few drops to a massage base oil, or place up to 10 drops into a warm foot soak for a stimulating experience.
    Product Type: Bubble Bath & Bath Oils
    Preferences: Essential Oils